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B Changes

This appendix tracks the evolution of OpenSSL Cookbook over time. If all you need is a quick overview of the changes, you will find here everything you need to know.

First release.

Changes in this version:

  • Updated SSL/TLS Deployment Best Practices to v1.3. This version brings several significant changes: (1) RC4 is deprecated, (2) the BEAST attack is considered mitigated server-side, (3) Forward Secrecy has been promoted to its own category. There are many other smaller improvements throughout.

  • Reworked the cipher suite configuration example to increase focus on Forward Security, making it more relevant.

  • Discussed all three key types (RSA, DSA, and ECDSA) and explained when the use of each type is appropriate. Added new text to explain how to generate DSA and ECDSA keys.

  • Marked cipher suite configuration keywords that were introduced in the OpenSSL 1.x branch.

Thanks to Michael Reschly, Brian Howson, Christian Folini, Karsten Weiss, and Martin Carpenter for their feedback.

Changes in this version:

Thanks to Stephen N. Henson, Jeff Kayser, and Olivier Levillain for their feedback.

Changes in this version:

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