Shipping Rates

We print our books in three locations: United Kingdom, United States and Australia, and use Shipwire to fulfil our orders. On receipt of your order, we will send a request to the warehouse to ship the item(s) to the address you provided. They usually need about one business day to process the order. The books are shipped from warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Shipping rates are weight-based, so the cost will depend on the number of books / title that you are ordering. For some countries, there is a maximum number of books that can be ordered on the web site. For greater quantities, please contact support@feistyduck (.com).

Our standard shipping rates for a single paperback are as follows:

United Kingdom:
Standard shipping: £3.50/£3.95

United States:
Standard shipping: £4.50/£4.95

European countries:
Standard Shipping - Europe: £9.00/£12.00

Standard Shipping - Australia: £6.00

New Zealand:
Standard Shipping - New Zealand: £5.50 (There are certain limitations with shipping to this location, so please contact us if you have trouble obtaining the shipping price for your order.)

Rest of the World:
Standard Shipping - Rest of the World: £14.00/£22.00

Additional shipping options are generated by Shipwire. To see all shipping options available to you, you will need to submit your shipping address during the ordering process.