1. I have not received a link to download the book.

If you have completed the purchase, but have not received any emails from Feisty Duck, please check your Spam folder first. This type of emails often gets stopped by spam filters. To prevent this, you can whitelist support@feistyduck (.com), or add us to your address book.

When you place an order with Feisty Duck, you will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal or Shopify Payments, and an email from us with the book access details. We normally send emails automatically, and they usually arrive within a few minutes. Please be patient if they don't arrive straightaway: allow at least half an hour before contacting us, as emails can get delayed.

Please note: you do not need the direct link to access your books. All you need to do is visit the web site and log in. Your books will be waiting for you in your Library. When you first place an order you can access the book immediately. On subsequent visits, we will ask you to choose a password for your account.

If all else fails, we can try to send the book to an alternative email address and change the email in your account. Please contact us with your order information and an alternative email.

2. It's been over an hour, and I still haven't received the book link.

Our system occasionally switches to manual mode. This can happen for various reasons, and has to do with a combination of factors and algorithms which detect that "something is not quite right". It can be a completely innocent thing, for example, if you're travelling and you place an order from a country which is different from your billing address country. We will need to review such orders manually. By all means contact us if you suspect that this is the case, but do allow up for one business day for the problem to be resolved.

3. How many times can I download my book? Can I download all formats, or do I have to choose one?

You can download the book you purchased in all formats, however many times you wish. We know that people sometimes misplace their files, but more importantly, our books are often updated, and we will want you to have access to latest updates (that's why we are doing all this!). We guarantee that your books will be available for a minimum of thirty days after purchase, but in practice, we allow you to do so indefinitely.

4. Why do I need an account with Feisty Duck?

Feisty Duck is in the business of continuous publishing. When you buy a book with us, you get additional formats and services that can only be accessed online. For example:

  • We have an online reader, which is sometimes handy.
  • We generate EPUB formats on demand, using the most up-to-date conversion rules, and these are tweaked and improved all the time, in order to keep up with changes in online readers. If there's a rendering problem and we fix it, you can come back to re-download the files.
  • Book content can be updated. Our own books are updated all the time. Bulletproof SSL and TLS, in particular, has been updated many times since its publication in August 2014.
  • Some people will misplace their books, and will need to re-download them again. We allow our customers to do this indefinitely.

If you need to contact us, please email support@feistyduck (.com).