Bulletproof TLS Newsletter #31
Symantec sells certificate business to DigiCert
31 August 2017
Author: Hanno Böck

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  1. Symantec sells certificate business to DigiCert
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Symantec sells certificate business to DigiCert

After a lengthy discussion at the end of July, Google announced its final plan and timeline for distrusting Symantec certificates. Due to various incidents, Google wants to remove trust for all existing Symantec roots from its Chrome browser. The final plan is significantly milder than Google’s original announcement and allows for a longer transition period. Mozilla will follow Google’s plan; other browser vendors haven’t announced any actions yet.

People who use certificates from Symantec or one of their brands (GeoTrust, Verisign, RapidSSL, Thawte) can use the Hardenize service to check when their certificate will be distrusted by browsers. (Hardenize is operated by Ivan Ristić, who is also one of the owners of Feisty Duck.)

Shortly thereafter, Symantec announced that it will sell its certificate business to DigiCert.

Short news