Bulletproof TLS Newsletter #44
TLS 1.3 is here
30 August 2018
Author: Hanno Böck

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In this issue:

  1. TLS 1.3 is here
  2. Short news

TLS 1.3 is here

It’s taken much longer than anticipated, but the IETF finally published new version 1.3 of the TLS protocol as RFC 8446.

We have covered the development of TLS 1.3 many times in previous newsletters. The new protocol version deprecates a lot of problematic and insecure practices, including static RSA ciphers without forward secrecy, CBC modes with MAC-then-Encrypt, insecure hashes, and many other old algorithms. New features include, among others, a reworked handshake that removes one round trip, an optional—and controversial—zero round trip mode, encrypted certificates, a safer nonce construction for AEAD modes, and RSA-PSS signatures.

The development of TLS 1.3 took longer than anticipated because many deployed devices didn’t implement the TLS handshake correctly or broke in other ways when they saw an as-yet-unknown TLS version.

Deployment of TLS 1.3 had already started before it was finalized; various browsers and servers supported draft versions. It’s expected that they’ll all soon move to the final version.

The IETF posted a blog entry introducing the new TLS version, and a very detailed description was written by Cloudflare’s Nick Sullivan.

Short news